ROWE Scan 850i

ROWE Scan 850i Series

     ROWE 850i 44" Series

          850i 44C
          850i 44E
          850i T44C
          850i T44E

     ROWE 850i 55" Series

          850i 55C
          850i 55E
          850i T55C
          850i T55E

     ROWE 850i 60" Series

          850i 60C
          850i 60E
          850i T60C
          850i T60E

     Media thickness max. 30 mm

The wide format scanner ROWE Scan 850i with its 3 sizes and future-proof technology stands for unbe- lievable innovation, productivity and numerous patents.  Take a look at the brochure for a glimpse of the technical highlights and unique features.

The ROWE Scan 850i has scanning widths of 44", 55" and 60". Standard equipment for all large format scanners is SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES, ROWE ScanCloud and ROWE ScanMatrix+ which is a unique technology worldwide. Your advantage: Scanning with the patented process ROWE DYNAMIC STITCHING, fully automatic transformation of originals with poor contrast into perfect scans due to the image improvement technology ROWE PRO LOGIC and brilliant, natural colors as a result of ROWE SELECTED TRUE LIGHT.

Also unique: A new process that makes it possible to scan and at the same time recognise the width of the original – all in one process, as well as independently recognising damaged or ripped corners on the originals. The result is excellent productivity whilst at the same time protecting the documents.

Of particular importance to ROWE customers – top results regarding modularity, cost and environment. Thanks to the patented ROWE SAFE DRIVE technology the scan glass has a life-cycle up to 500% longer than standard wide-format scanners. A power consumption of less than 0.4% in energy saving mode also protects the environment.

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