Contex HD Ultra X CCD Scanners (36" or 42" or 60")

HD ULTRA X Scanner Series

     36" WIDE MODELS

          HD ULTRA X 3650
          HD ULTRA X 3690

     42" WIDE MODELS

          HD ULTRA X 4250
          HD ULTRA X 4290

     60" WIDE MODELS

          HD ULTRA X 6050
          HD ULTRA X 6090

…material thickness up to 15 mm (0.6”) to capture artwork

The HD Ultra X series is the epitome of productivity. It doesn’t require warm-up time, it’s super-fast, it detects your paper size instantly, and it transfers data onto your screen faster than any other large format scanner on the market.

With its CCD technology, HD Ultra X matches the color of your originals like no other. You get crystal-clear scans with an unequalled sharpness. Add our Nextimage 5 software, and you can clean-up your high-quality scans and improve the look of your originals.

The HD Ultra X series just makes life easier. Load originals where you want and adjust the thickness capacity up to 15 mm to capture artwork, blueprints, photography, maps, and more. It’s everything you need, all from one machine.

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