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PRG Salt Detection Papers

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[Basic process of using Salt Detection Papers for identifying salt contamination on the surface of architectural materials.]                    

The use of PRG Salt Detection Papers along with a high range diagnostic resistance moisture meter can be very helpful in diagnosing deterioration of paint and plaster/masonry surfaces.  Many times you can tell that soluble salts are involved in the deterioration of a surface condition by the observation of efflorescence/salts on the surface.  Sometimes the efflorescence may not be heavy enough to be easily observed but may still be leading to the deterioration of materials.  The process of surface failure can be due to the soluble salts that migrate through the substrate and accumulate on the surface where the moisture is evaporating.  As the soluble salts dry, they expand into crystals.  This expansion process can lead to the breakdown of the bond between paint and its substrate and/or the breakdown of the plaster/masonry surface material.

The concept of using PRG Salt Detection Papers is simple.  Don’t think of the high range diagnostic resistance moisture meter as testing for moisture, think of it as measuring the flow of electrons.  Remember back to chemistry class in your school days.  By setting up a battery with a meter for measuring electrical current running through a container of water gave you one reading.  After adding salt to the water, the flow of the electrical current was stronger.  Using Salt Detection Papers and a high range diagnostic resistance moisture meter to test the surface in question is basically the same idea.

  • Note: This also shows why a resistance moisture meter is not recommended for use in measuring moisture on a masonry, plaster, concrete, etc. surface. Basically any salt that is available on the surface will make a reading inaccurate.

Material                 Cellulose
Grade                     Grade 1
Size                         30 mm

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