Development of English Building Construction

The Development of English Building Construction

C. F. Innocent

The Development of English Building Construction was originally published in 1916. Its author, C. F. Innocent, had an great passion for his subject and an extensive knowledge of English architecture. He wrote this volume as a reaction to the predominant position of ecclesiastical buildings in other works on English construction history, wishing instead to give precedence to the small but significant works of architecture that constitute a true history of English construction. Innocent's work focuses on cruck-framed homes and farm buildings, as well as stone and cob-walled dwellings. There is also a discussion of traditional roofing techniques and the cultural and linguistic significance of English architecture through the ages.

(considered by many to be the best account of thatching)

Innocent's points are well evidenced, eloquently argued and supported by a series of intriguing black and white illustrations. This book will continue to fascinate and invigorate any reader with an interest in English construction history, whether passing or professional.1999, 320 pp, hardback.

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