Cleaning Historic Buildings - Volume 2

Cleaning Historic Buildings

Nicola Ashurst

What happens to the fabric of a building if it remains soiled? What cleaning methods should be used? Will chemicals cause damage to the building? What are the long term effects of cleaning? While there are no easy answers to these questions, it is now evident that many recent cleaning disasters could have been avoided if the right approach had been adopted. In two volumes this important new guide offers essential practical guidance on appropriate cleaning techniques. Based on the author's extensive on-site involvement in many cleaning and surface repair projects, these books examine the pro's and con's of the various cleaning practices along with the role and need for analysis of substrates and soiling. Supported by valuable case study material and photographs, will present the practitioner with an informed view of the right action to take. 1994, hardback.

Volume 2: Cleaning Materials & Processes


Contains selecting a cleaning method, water washing, air abrasive and mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning, special cleaning systems, specific cleaning problems, removal of paint and graffiti, essential practicalities and preliminaries, case studies, bibliography, index. 272pp.


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