Nochar NFP


Certified Fire Retardant          Non Toxic          Non Hazardous
Water Soluble                         Non Irritant        Biodegradable

The left side of this house was treated with
several Nochar products.  The right side is
untreated to give a side-by-side demonstration
of normal fire growth compared to the slow
growth of Nochar treated areas.

Nochar Fire Preventer NFP is a water based, non-toxic biodegradable flame retardant for all unsealed natural fiber materials and products (such as wood, cotton, wool, silk, rayon, linen, paper, cellulose fibers).  It has been tested under ASTM sanctioned test protocols by 3rd party testing laboratories.  Tests have been performed on all species of wood commonly used in construction, as well as other natural fiber materials.

Nochar Fire Preventer NFP contains no coloring agents, thickeners, or inhibitors (non-toxic dyes may be added).  Applied by spray, curtain coating, thermal dip, vacuum chamber, roller, brush or soaking.  It is a water-soluble product that uses water as a carrier to penetrate the fiber.

Nochar Fire Preventer NFP increases the fire safety of materials and products treated by increasing the combustion temperature of natural fiber materials.  It reduces the rate of heat release after ignition, and slows the rate of flame spread.  Should a fire start from another fuel source, NFP will slow the progress of the flame on the materials that have been properly treated with the product.

Approximate coverage on wood is 150sf/gal by brush/roller, 300sf/gal by airless spray.
Paper and Textiles require approximately 40% more volume weight of Nochar Fire Preventer NFP.

Nochar Fire Preventor NFP is for interior use only. 
For exterior fire protections, please see Polaseal EFM

Technical Data + MSDS
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