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New Products For July - Insecticides

Niban is the best solution for pest control without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. Niban Granular bait is consumed by insects who then take it back to their colony, eliminating the entire colony. Niban provides effective killing power that targets pests with minimal impact to non-insects and the environment.  Because of its low toxicity and lack of odor, Niban is ideal for use in food handling and environmentally sensitive areas.

Niban’s new formula makes it even more effective on a host of household pests, including slugs and snails. The new formula provides broader protection inside and outside the home. Unlike other granules, Niban will not degrade in heat or sunlight and will last through 4” of rain.

Niban-FG is the Dustless "Dust" Bait.   It is a fine granular bait designed for application with bellows type dusters. It does not generate airborne particles and will not lose its effectiveness in high moisture conditions.

Kills and Prevents:
Ants              Cockroaches        Silverfish        Carpenter Ants
Crickets        Earwigs                Slugs               Snails

Many baits intended for pests can be a hazard for pets and wildlife. Birds are one of the most sensitive species to these effects. So, when the New York City’s Central Park Bird Aviary needed to control cockroaches, they chose Niban. After more than 10 years, there have been no reported problems…unless you’re a roach.


MSDS + Data Sheet

NIBAN to Control Snails

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