Protimeter Survey Master SM

Dual-Function Moisture Meter

This rugged, dependable meter features two operational modes for use in assessing building moisture levels and distinguishing between sub-surface and surface moisture. In Search Mode, the meter uses a non-invasive pinless radio frequency to find moisture up to 3/4˝ (20mm) beneath the surface of solid walls and floors independent of surface conditions. The relative moisture level is shown on the digital display, and moisture condition is represented by a scale of color-coded lights. For measurement of the moisture level at the surface and at incremental depths, use the Measure Mode along with the pin-type probes or the included deep wall probes. Readings are precise and specific to the immediate area of contact of the electrodes. Actual moisture content of wood is shown on the digital display, and the corresponding moisture condition is indicated via color-coded lights. In addition, Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) values are displayed for other non-conductive, porous building materials. Reference Mode can be used in either Search Mode or Measure Mode to establish which materials are above or below a point of reference or dry standard. The meter features a digital LCD backlit display, auto shutoff, and a hold function.

Includes instrument, 5˝ deep wall probes, moisture probe, calcheck, two spare pins, pouch, and instructions. Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Range: 70 to 999 relative (non-invasive);

7.9% to 99% WME (pin measurement).

Power: One 9V battery (included).

Dimensions: 7.5˝ x 2.75˝ x 1.9˝.

Weight: 8 oz.


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