Master Builders: A Guide to Famous American Architects

Master Builders:  A Guide to Famous American Architects

Roger K. Lewis

This lively guide profiles forty famous architects,
detailing their styles and philosophies

  • Which architect designed the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty?
  • Who put a Chippendale pediment atop a skyscraper and quickly created a landmark of contemporary architecture?
  • Who was the only American architect to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery during the Civil War?
  • Which architect designed a castle in California for William Randolph Hearst?

Master Builders answers these and scores of other questions about more than 100 architects and builders who have left indelible marks on American architecture. This unique guide puts faces with America's most well-known and loved buildings--from the U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument through the first skyscrapers and landmarks of the Post-Modern movement.

"Why should you want to know more about these architects?" asks Roger K. Lewis in his introduction. "The reason is simple. You are undeniably connected to the built environment that you inhabit, use, see and respond to. You affect building design, and building design affects you."

1986, 204 pp, paperback.

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