Kurabo K-IS-A0FW

Kurabo K-IS-A0FW

Large Format Flatbed Scanner

    - Full-Color E-Size Flatbed Scanner

    - LED Light Source with CCD Sensor

    - 36″x50″ Scanning Area

    - 1000 dpi Optical Resolution, 2000 dpi Max.

    - RGB 3-line CCD (20000 pixels)

    - Built-in document counter

    - Foot Switch Option

    - 1 Year Limited Warranty

    - Includes Kurabo Scanning Software

Capture your fragile documents and artwork with uncompromising image quality and professional standards with the Kurabo K-IS-A0FW flatbed color scanner. The Kurabo scanner features a 36″x50″ flatbed scanning area, giving you the flexibility to scan just about any type of original by simply placing it directly on the scanner bed.

New Features! The new flatbed scanner is equipped with a Dual White LED system for forward and backward scanning directions. It can control light intensity individually, therefore the scanner can emphasize a shadow of textured images providing a 3D effect. An ARCH E size color document can be scanned in 17 seconds or less in 300 dpi/high-speed mode. Resolution is adjustable by 1 dpi increments within the range from 50 dpi to 2000 dpi.

It also features advanced CCD sensor technology, ensuring picture-perfect imaging performance with an optical resolution of 1000 dpi, and can scan a 36″x50” size document within 17 seconds! The Kurabo K-IS-A0FW is perfect for all your imaging needs, including textiles, fragile historical records, fine art and other delicate originals. The Kurabo scanner can capture a wide variety of documents and objects fast, accurately and efficiently.

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