Boron Indicator Solution

3.5 oz.


This test is used only to show the presence of borate on wood to determine if a borate wood treatment has been applied. More advanced test procedures are required if specific levels of borate retention are needed.

Borate Indicator Test Solution should be spray applied to a small area on unsealed, clean, dry wood surface to indicate the presence of borate.

     ► Spray to wetness, but not to run off.
     ► Allow solution to dry for 3-5 minutes.
     ► Monitor color development.

(Any maroon or burgundy color indicates the presence of borate.)


The Borate Indicator Test Solution will dry to a long lasting purple stain. Do not apply the solution to wood or other surface areas where this stain could be considered unsightly.

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Boron-Indicator Kit SDS

Borate-Indicator Test Solution - Specimen Label


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