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Bora-Care case (4) 1 gal


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New Products For July - Wood Protection

BORA-CARE is an environmentally friendly wood decay protection. It is an easy to use Concentrated Liquid Borate termiticide / insecticide / fungicide. 
One gallon of BORA-CARE concentrate treats 800 board feet (bf) of wood.
One OUNCE of BORA-CARE concentrate will treat SIX BOARD FEET of wood.

     Treating less than 800 bf?  You may want to use PenaShield, a pre-diluted version of Bora-Care

BORA-CARE Concentrate is odorless, colorless, compatible with finishes, environmentally responsible, long lasting, highly effective, and EPA registered for both preventive and remedial treatments. It offers an innovative approach for the control and elimination of wood deterioration due to decay fungi and wood boring insects. Rather than controlling or treating infestations by creating a toxic barrier in the soil surrounding a home or structure, Bora-Care is designed to treat the food source - the wood. Upon application to bare wood, Bora-Care rapidly penetrates and eliminates active infestations of termites, beetles, carpenter ants, etc. and decay fungi in addition to providing long term protection against future infestations. When applied at label rates, Bora-Care treated wood is both toxic and repellent to wood destroying pests.
Termites (Drywood, Subterranean, Formosan)
Wood Boring Beetles
Carpenter Ants
Wood-Decay Fungi and algae

BORA-CARE consists of a highly concentrated solution of the active ingredient, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, formulated in a patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,104,644) carrier system containing penetrants and synergists which dramatically enhance both wood penetration and efficacy Bora-Care’s formulation offers a high degree of repellency and quick elimination of active infestations in a single application.
Bora-Care is labeled for primary treatments, where it is the sole or primary chemical used, or supplemental treatments, where it can be utilized as part of an integrated approach to wood protection. When using Bora-Care as a primary treatment, it is important to recognize that wood that has not been treated will not be protected. Structural wood members that are no longer sound must be repaired or replaced. Although Bora-Care will kill decay fungi and wood boring insects, it will not add strength to deteriorated wood.  


 No Color or Odor    Superior Wood Penetration

Safe Near Wells or Cisterns    Long-Term Residual Activity

Low Toxicity to Humans & Pets Interior & Exterior Use

Easy and Convenient    Cost Effective

Spot treatments of infested areas can be applied. Spray the infested and surrounding area with diluted Bora-Care solution to the point of wetness. It is important to treat the entire infested wooden member. Once deposited in the wood, the active ingredient in Bora-Care will continue to diffuse throughout the piece of wood. If only a small portion of a wood member is treated there is a possibility that the amount of active ingredient in the treated area may eventually decrease to a level below that needed for effective control. Unlike other fungicides, Bora-Care penetrates deep into the wood. Bora-Care will kill some types of surface molds and stains, but may not offer complete control of these organisms (see Mold-Care for control of mold). Remember, however, that molds and stains do not rot wood, decay fungi do. Bora-Care will provide long term protection against decay fungi and wood boring insects.

Wood boring beetles have life cycles that include egg, larvae, pupae and adult stages. Bora-Care kills the beetle larvae, thus interrupting the life cycle. In addition, Bora-Care’s residual activity will prevent re-infestation by eliminating young larvae after hatching. Bora-Care application methods for treating all beetle infestations are similar, however you should become familiar with the different infestation characteristics in order to know what to look for during inspections.
BORA-CARE is supplied as a liquid concentrate which is diluted with water prior to application. The use of warm or hot dilution water and an impeller type stirrer, inserted into an electric drill, substantially aids the mixing process. This solution can then be fogged, sprayed or brushed on. 

How much BORA-CARE is needed? 
One Gallon of Bora-Care concentrate treats 800 board feet of wood 
Because Bora-Care is not a surface treatment, but rather migrates throughout the entire piece of wood, board feet rather than square feet needs to be calculated to determine how much Bora-Care concentrate is needed for a project. 
Follow these steps to determine how much BORA-CARE is needed for your project.  
 1. Find the total cubic inches of wood to be treated:   
        Length inches  x  Width inches  x  Height inches  =  Total Cubic Inches 
 2. Divide the Total Cubic inches by 144" (cubic inches in a board foot) = Total Board Feet (Total bf)  
 3. Divide the Total bf by 800 bf (bf treated by 1 gallon BORA-CARE) = Number of BORA-CARE gallons needed


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