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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 Products)

Bor8 Rods (formally known as IMPEL Rods) are highly effective in controlling wood decay fungi.

 Bor8 Rods are safe, low-cost, and EPA-approved as a decay protection and prevention system for wood. At recommended levels, they will control existing decay and prevent future growth.  Bor8 Rods are molded from fused, water-diffusible borates, which are highly effective and well established wood preservatives. They have an appearance similar to glass rods and are available in a variety of sizes for a wide range of applications.

Bor8 Rods are placed into holes drilled in wood at specifically determined locations and depend on moisture to activate the borates.They are positioned in such a way that moisture will distribute the desired loadings of preservative throughout the target area.

For the eradication of existing decay and to preserve wood in high-risk areas, 6 oz. of Boric Acid Equivalent (BAE) per cubic foot of wood is recommended. As the moisture content inside wood rises to 25%-30% (the same levels where decay begins to thrive),  Bor8 Rods begin to diffuse.  The strong preservative is distributed throughout both heartwood and sapwood by moisture as it naturally moves through the wood. Bor8 Rods offer a long-lasting, highly concentrated, solid form of borate that slowly dissolves over time. The less consistently moist the environment, the longer the rods will last.


 PRG Drill and install Bor8 Rods
 PRG When moisture levels rise, Bor8 Rods  will dissolve and diffuse.
 PRG Over time, the Bor8 Rods will continue to diffuse and provide protection.

Bor8 Rods are available from PRG in the following sizes and quantities.

Rod Size Rods/Box BAE/Rod
1/4"dia x 1/2"long 24, 100, 500 0.03 oz
1/3"dia x 1"long 24, 100, 350 0.141 oz
1/2"dia x 2"long 12, 100, 500 0.62 oz
3/4"dia x 3"long 12, 100, 500 2.03 oz

*6 oz. of Boric Acid Equivalent (BAE) per cubic foot of wood is recommended



Recommended Size & Spacing Chart

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