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Bac-A-Zap is a biologic odor control product.  Unlike perfumes that only mask odors,
Bac-A-Zap is composed of bacteria and enzymes that actually attack the source of the
smell, break it down and eliminate the odor.  As time goes by, when deodorizers would
be wearing off, Bac-A-Zap components continue to consume the odor causing organic
until it is gone, leaving behind water and carbon dioxide as harmless, odorless by-products.

Bac-A-Zap is power-packed and salmonella-free.  It is biodegradable, non-toxic,
non-pathogenic and non-caustic.

Use anywhere smells exist:
Wall Voids               Carpets               Pet Sleeping Areas               Drains
Crawl Spaces           Garages              Garbage Cans                       Attics
Mattresses                Sinks                  Athletic Equipment

Can remove even the toughest organic odors including:
Feces               Sewage               Urine               Vomit               Mold & Mildew
Smoke             Skunk                  Garbage          Pet Odors         Athletic Smells
Stinky Drains  Food Odors         Dead Animals



          Bac-A-Zap Flyer

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